How It Works

During the onboarding process, we first get to know your business. Every entrepreneurial company is unique, so we learn all about your business and information needs. This allows your Fractional CFO and Dash-Books team to optimize your financial system design , so you can get actionable (profitable!) information and custom reports right when you need it.

Next, we assess the current state of your books, and create a custom plan for your financial management information needs. QuickBooks Online (QBO) is used for all of our clients. We safely transfer your records to QuickBooks Online, if needed, and go straight to optimizing the software for your unique business information needs. We then determine how your other information systems, processes, and accounts will integrate into your bookkeeping system most efficiently.

Your financial management systems and needed software are connected into an efficient workflow process, often becoming paperless, and is a virtual system that rests securely in the cloud. This means your information is available whenever you need it, wherever in the world you are. Approvals can be done electronically from anywhere with an internet connection, without the traditional delays in processing and record keeping.

Once you’re set up, your Fractional CFO at Dash-Books will meet with you regularly to discuss your latest financial statements and dig deeper into what it all means for your business. When you use Dash-Books, you get the convenience of a bookkeeper combined with the knowledge of a seasoned financial pro with experience in a variety of industries and experiences, ready to bring a fresh perspective to your business.

How Dash-Books is Made Just for You

For Entrepreneurs, From Entrepreneurs

The Dash-Books system was created to solve a business problem- getting accurate, actionable, financial information as effortlessly as possible for entrepreneurs.

We’re entrepreneurs too, so we love helping people like us! Read more about us and why we’re so passionate about outsourced bookkeeping and Fractional CFO services, or find out how we can help you reach your goals sooner by contacting us today.

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