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We focus on bookkeeping with the financial management skills of a CFO, so you can focus on bringing value to your customers and profits to the bank. Every Dash-Books client gets a Fractional CFO to help interpret financial statements, craft better business strategies, and make wise financial decisions.

Our experts are professionally screened and undergo continual training on QuickBooks Online (QBO) methodology and on industry best practices. So you can rest assured that your information is on time, and available wherever you are.

We customize your financial management system design in QuickBooks Online to make it truly work for you. Custom reports, along with interpretation from your Fractional CFO, allow you to see the big picture needed for overall business strategy, and the details for Execution.

Ready to get rid of the headaches of bookkeeping? Let Dash-Books help you love the business you’re in again!

Don’t Lose any More Time

Let Dash-Books handle your bookkeeping and financial management, so you have time to focus on the business you love again. Effortless, secure, and timely bookkeeping is finally here. Contact Dash-Books today and start the newest chapter of your story.

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