Business Reports and Management Information


A Business Management Consultant, CFO, and a Bookkeeping Team in One

Business management requires more than great business ideas, it needs superior execution. To execute your plans and adapt when needed, you need to understand what is really happening in your business as soon as possible- and that requires accurate and timely financial reporting.

Reaching Your Financial Goals is Our Goal, Too

To reach your goals, you need to know where you are and where you want to go. Dash-Books ensures your financial information is trustworthy and on time, so you have the full picture of where you are and future possibilities.

Management Reporting is the backbone of business knowledge for your company, and your Fractional CFO ensures you get the information you need while also offering sound advice helping you reach your goals faster than you thought possible.

Custom Financial Reports

Our reports are customized for your business, with your specific information needs in mind. Financial reports exist to help you and your Dash-Books team manage your business with wisdom and insight. Financial reports help you see trends, opportunities, what can be improved, and what is so successful you’ll want to expand resources for it.

With Dash-Books, it’s like getting a business management consultant, Fractional CFO, and bookkeeping team- but without the inconvenience or expense of multiple points of contact. Your Fractional CFO is dedicated to you and your business, so you get the financial guidance you need.

To improve profitability and performance, you need accurate information. At Dash-Books your financial data is recorded regularly and according to your business needs identified during the on-boarding process, so month-end closings happen like clockwork. Your financial information is ready when you need it, whether it’s monthly, weekly, or even daily. No more waiting endlessly for someone to get back to you, or waiting on an employee to return from vacation so you can see a report. No more guesswork on finances. Your Fractional CFO meets with you regularly to help you digest your business information even more quickly and efficiently. Learn more about what to expect with your Fractional CFO.

Management Reporting is Lifted to a Whole New Level

When you trust Dash-Books with your bookkeeping, you are getting much more than a traditional bookkeeper. Our proven system for getting value out of QuickBooks and other industry-leading software, along with superior financial information system and business knowledge, has allowed our clients new insights and unlocked entire categories of information.


Accuracy in Financial Reporting

Using QuickBooks and Dash-Books to Their Full Potential

Our Dash-Books team is a carefully chosen group of individuals, with a diverse set of industry backgrounds and strong financial knowledge and bookkeeping skills. Because of our highly selective process for evaluating potential bookkeepers and Fractional CFOs, you can be assured that your information is of the highest quality.

QuickBooks is a powerful software for many types of businesses, yet many don’t use it to its full potential, and most entrepreneurs aren’t accountants or bookkeepers. This is where Dash-Books has an advantage for our clients over traditional bookkeeping services. With Sam Carr as the founder, the bar for accurate and useful financial information has been set significantly higher for our clients. And since we think like entrepreneurs, you can be assured we are always looking for better information, faster.


Business Decision Making is Easier With Dash-Books

Financial Reports are the Heart of Management Reporting

To make sound decisions, you need the right kind of information. During your on-boarding process, we help you identify what information you’re not currently collecting that can help you strategize the management of your business (such as KPIs), and ensure the information you are collecting will be accurately reflected in your general ledger. With the monthly financial reports, you’ll get timely insights for your specific business. You’ll be able to assess, compare, and plan for the future. Clients have better control over their business because of improved:

  • In-depth timely insights about finances
  • Cash flow
  • Response time
  • Control over costs
  • Insights about which clients and products are most and least profitable
  • Ability to adapt to changes and new information


Outsourcing Management Reporting with Dash-Books is Worry-Free

Proven Business Information System, Software, and Professionals

We’ve been there- we’re entrepreneurs, too. We know that as an entrepreneur you’re pulled in many directions and try to delegate, outsource, and make things as efficient as possible so you can focus on growth and operations.

When you choose Dash-Books for your bookkeeping and business advisory needs, you can be sure you’ll be getting a great value. After all, choosing Dash-Books frees your time so you can focus on better uses of your time- and isn’t that why you became an entrepreneur in the first place?

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